Stacey Jordan the Motivational Teacher

Stacey Jordan is a stirring and thought provoking motivator with the passion and energy for inspiring others toward having the God-given best in life. His dynamic speaking style creates excitement and clarity that brings his audience to a higher level of knowing, being, and doing. As a speaker and published author, Stacey focuses on causing one to see the value of his/her presence in this life, and to raise the expectations they have for themselves and those who surround them. He has touched people around the world with his engaging personal stories, captivating presentation, and change inciting message that “All things can be for those who believe.”

Stacey has delivered his message for an array of listeners, ranging from elementary students all the way up to senior professionals. He is most recognized for his work with young adults and his efforts to inspire the next generation. Having a strong conviction that the leaders of tomorrow will only be as good as we lead them today, Stacey is enthusiastic about opportunities to invest in the youth.


He is also a major advocate of responsible manhood. He believes that a society’s standards should rest on the shoulders of good men. His goal is to promote and model the virtues of true manhood to the world to raise the standard and positive impact of manhood. He reaches thousands of viewers with practical wisdom and advice about manhood through his weekly “Man-erisms” podcasts.

Stacey Jordan has a diverse professional background. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in business administration and has spent eleven years as an entrepreneur. However, he boasts that his highest job title is, and always will be, the office of Daddy–husband to his wife and father to their 6 children.


“Nothing in my life has afforded me as much challenge, education, or reward as fatherhood.”

-Stacey Jordan